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Southwestern Ends Crossover Split in Sunday’s Games

Southwestern Ends Crossover Split in Sunday’s Games

GEORGETOWN, Texas – The Southwestern Pirates showed their strength by taking three out of
four matches in the weekend's SCAC Crossover Invitational. Now 5-2 in the conference, the
Pirates have beaten every team except for top two ranked Colorado College Tigers and Trinity
On Sunday the Pirates took on the University of Dallas to beat them 3-1. However, in the next
match against Colorado, the Pirates took a heavy loss in their three-streak win to lose 4-1.

Game 1: Southwestern vs. University of Dallas
Sets: 16-25, 26-24, 20-25,14-25
In the first match, the Pirates were able to win the first set, but Dallas came back to even the
score by winning the second set. However, the Pirates would not stop fighting to claim their
win and end the last two sets to give them the well-deserved win. Haven Cathey helped the
Pirates by adding 11 kills along with Jamison Duck who had 14 digs to help the Pirates defense.
Other players that helped the Pirates claim their victory were Alyssa Dooley and Ashley
Whitlock who had nine kills as well as six blocks for Whitlock.
Flora said, "We were pleased as a staff with the balance and offensive contributions from so
many attackers. It was good to see the team grow and take care of their business under some
pressure from a quality University of Dallas volleyball team."

Game 1: Southwestern vs. Colorado College
Sets: 17-25, 25-15, 25-11, 25-16
In the final game for the day, The Pirates faced No. 2 ranked Colorado Tigers for their toughest
match of the tournament. In the first two sets, the Pirates were able to keep in the game by
winning the second set to stay even with Colorado. However, Colorado would then take the last
two sets to win the match making this the only loss for the Pirates in the tournament.
Alyssa Dooley contributed 13 kills for the Southwestern Pirates while Brandi Campos helped
tremendously for the Pirates defense with 11 digs.
Flora noted, "We found a new level of expectation of one another within this SU Volleyball
program during this match. And growth and learning are always a high priority."
He added, "We give Colorado College plenty of credit for their ability to find their offensive
rhythm. They helped us see how we can develop and where we need to grow. We did an
excellent job at the service line today and that is an important component of this team's
development. We look forward to the opportunity to get into the gym and get to work on some
key areas that can be developed with this team soon."

Up next the Pirates get ready to play Out Lady for the Lake Tuesday, Sept. 25th at home.