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Women's Soccer Surge to 7-0 Winning Streak

Women's Soccer Surge to 7-0 Winning Streak


GEORGETOWN, Texas - The Southwestern women's soccer team is now 7-0 in their season after defeating the Johnson and Wales University (JWU) Wildcats 2-1 this Friday evening.

It did not take the Pirates too long to place themselves ahead of the Wildcats when Hallie Rutherford scored the first goal off of a pass from Hanna Sanderson within the first 12 minutes of the game. The Wildcats had trouble getting the ball in Pirate territory, which left them unable to take a single shot in the first half of the game while the Pirates took eight shots at the Wildcats box.

Starting the second half, the Pirates came back in the game not missing a beat or letting down on the offensive intensity. Once again Rutherford was able to launch the ball to Juliet Pridgen, who finished the pass with another goal for Southwestern, now making the score 2-0 with 35 more minutes left in the game. Down two goals in the second half, the Wildcats felt the urgency to try and make their way back into the game.

JWU kept trying to make something happen for the offense as the Pirates kept a strong defensive line. However, after a foul by a Pirate in the box, JWU was set up for a penalty kick. Natasha Martin from JWU was able to score on the penalty kick to make the game 2-1, giving the Wildcats a chance to tie up the game.  

Without much time left in the game, JWU was unable to score another goal against the Pirate defense, sending the Pirates to a 7-0 season.

Coming up this Sunday, the Pirates will take on the McMurry War Hawks at Varsity Field at 2 p.m.