ATLANTA -The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) announced the appointment and election results for the WBCA Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Arizona State’s Charli Turner-Thorne has been named the new Vice President as she follows in the footsteps of Geno Auriemma who will take the reins as WBCA President in August. Carol Owens of Northern Illinois has also been named to the Executive Committee as the Secretary, taking over for Bonnie Henrickson (Kansas)
Joining the Board of Directors in 2009 is Jose Mori, University of Indiana (Division I/Midwest) and Barbara Smith, University of Minnesota (Assistant Coaches).

The six reappointed or reelected members include: Jennifer Rizzotti, University of Hartford (Division I/East); Joanne Boyle, University of California-Berkeley (Division I/West); LaVonda Wagner, Oregon State University (Division I/At-Large on BOD and EC); Tom Collen, University of Arkansas (Males Coaches of Women’s Basketball); Pam Ruder (pictured), Southwestern University (Division III/At-Large) and Russ Davis, Vanguard University (NAIA).

Also appointed to the Board of Directors to fill positions left by Owens and Turner-Thorne after the pair was elected to the Executive Committee are Curt Miller, Bowling Green State University (Division I/At-Large) and Beth Burns, San Diego State University (Division I/Mideast).

“I am pleased to have my fellow peers join our Executive Committee and Board of Directors,” said Geno Auriemma, WBCA President. “Charli and Carol bring a vast amount of experience in the sport and will provide further insight for WBCA membership. With the additions and return of a fantastic group of coaches and administrators, the Board will continue to make strides in building the game of women’s basketball on the national level.”

The remaining members of the WBCA Executive Committee include: Terri Mitchell, Marquette University (Treasurer); Pam Ruder, Southwestern University (Division III/At Large); Sherri Coale, University of Oklahoma (Past President) and Carolyn Campbell-McGovern, Ivy League (CBI Chair).

Other members of the WBCA Board of Directors include: Sue Semrau, Florida State University (Division I/At-Large); Coquese Washington, Penn State University (Division I/At-Large); Gie Parsons, Clarion University (Division II); Carmen Dolfo, Western Washington University (Division III); Nan Carney-DeBord, Ohio Wesleyan University (Division III/At-Large); Michael Landers, Baton Rouge Community College (JC/CC); Kathy Richey-Walton, Southwest DeKalb High School (High School); Charlene Thomas Swinson, University of Tulsa (Black Coaches Administrators); Muffet McGraw, University of Notre Dame (Division I/Legislative Chair); Sue Ramsey, Ashland University (Division II/Legislative Chair); Karen Tessmer, Worcester State College (Division III Legislative Chair); Patrick Nero, America East Conference (CCA) and Donna Orender, WNBA President (WNBA).

Nominees for the WBCA Board of Directors Executive Committee openings are selected by the WBCA nominating committee, while the WBCA membership sends in nominations for the Board of Director openings. All openings are voted on by head coaches, assistant coaches and directors of basketball operations at Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA and JC/CC who are current members of the WBCA.

The Vice President serves a two-year term, and then is named the WBCA President to serve for another two years. The Vice President closes out their time on the Executive Committee with a final two-year term serving as the Past President representative. The Secretary’s term is for three years. All Board of Director positions that do not sit on the Executive Committee serve a three-year term, with the opportunity to run for a second term.

The WBCA Board of Directors develops policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the organization. They also monitor the organization's financial health, programs and overall performance and provide the chief executive officer with the resources to meet the needs of those the organization serves.

About the WBCA
Founded in 1981, the WBCA promotes women’s basketball by unifying coaches at all levels to develop a reputable identity for the sport and to foster and promote the development of the game in all of its aspects as a sport for women and girls. For more information about the WBCA, please visit