Join Men's Lacrosse On Its Overseas Trip This Spring

Join Men's Lacrosse On Its Overseas Trip This Spring

This spring, the Southwestern University Pirates men's lacrosse team will travel from Texas to Italy to the Czech Republic from May 13-23. Alumni and family are invited to join.

Once every four years, the NCAA allows teams to travel abroad to play outside competition and in 2019, the lacrosse team will make its first overseas trip to play the Czech Republic National Team.

Travelers will depart from the Houston International Airport on May 13 to arrive in Rome on May 14 for a tour, ending at the Colosseum. The next day, the Pirates and guests will visit Vatican City and St. Peter's Square.

Over the next few days, the trip will head to the Tuscan Valley, Florence, and Pisa. On May 19, everyone will catch a plane to Prague for a guided tour on May 20 and a three-match series with the Czech Republic National Team from May 21-22 before returning to Texas on May 23.

"I believe it's going to be a wonderful opportunity for some of these guys who have never been overseas," Head Coach Bill Bowman said. "This is going to be a great experience for them to see another part of the world and other cultures.

"It's going to be a wonderful way for them to expand their horizons, play lacrosse against different people, and maybe give back a little bit in that community."

The tour quote is $3,405.00 per person.

Payment information, deadlines, a full itinerary, and cancellation policies can be found in the document below. For more information, contact Vivian Lewandowsky of Harvard Sports Management Group at or by calling (516) 764-4355; or contact Coach Bowman at (512) 863-1781 or

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