Student-Athlete Handbook



Dear Southwestern University Student-Athlete,

Southwestern University (SU) has a long and successful tradition of athletic excellence!  SU is represented each year at the national, regional and conference championships.  We are dedicated to maintaining and developing winning traditions and providing you, the student-athlete, with an outstanding student-athlete experience.

Our coaches take a sincere interest in the academic and athletic activities of our student-athletes.  All associated with the Athletic Department take great pride that our overall cumulative GPA is comparable to the overall student population and that the graduation rate surpasses the overall student rate. SU will strive to provide you with the very best athletic experience, but not at the expense of academic success.

As a representative of Southwestern University and the Department of Athletics you, as a Pirate student-athlete, have responsibilities to the program.  You must comply with institutional, conference and NCAA regulations as well as display loyalty and respect to your teammates, coaches and the University.  You must meet and maintain all academic requirements and be committed to achieving success both in the classroom and in the athletic arena. 

You have the opportunity to experience college life in a unique way at SU because of your participation in an intercollegiate athletic team.  Remember though, participation in Pirate Athletics is a privilege, not a right.  We hope that you will accept the challenge to keep the great Pirate tradition here at Southwestern.


Go, Pirates!

Dr. Glada Munt

Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics



Colleges and universities in Division III place the highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience and on the successful completion of all students' academic programs.  They seek to establish and maintain an environment in which a student-athlete's athletics activities are conducted as an integral part of the student-athletes educational experience, and in which coaches play a significant role as educators.  They also seek to establish and maintain an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among their student-athletes and athletics staff.  Furthermore, the Athletic Department promotes sportsmanship by stressing respect, civility, fairness, honesty and responsibility toward teammates, officials and opponents.



Southwestern University, under the auspices of the United Methodist Church, is committed to undergraduate liberal arts education involving both the study of and participation in significant aspects of our cultural heritage, expressed primarily through the arts, the sciences, the institutions, and the professions of society.  The core purpose is that of fostering a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity.  To this end, the Southwestern University community has agreed upon a set of core values that serve as the guiding principles of the institution:

  • Promoting lifelong learning and a passion for intellectual and personal growth.
  • Fostering diverse perspectives.
  • Being true to oneself and others.
  • Respecting the worth and dignity of persons.
  • Encouraging activism in the pursuit of justice and the common good.



The programs within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics promote the mission of Southwestern University by placing the highest priority on the academic success and overall quality of the educational experience of each student-athlete.  By adhering to the NCAA Division III (DIII) philosophy, the Athletic Department strives to enable the integration of student-athletes with other students in the University’s community.  A primary goal of the Athletic Department is for its sports programs to reflect Southwestern’s commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and amateur, ethical conduct, honesty, fairness, and respect for others.  Further, the Athletic Department places emphasis on the health and welfare of its student-athletes.  The Athletic Department endeavors to support the mission of the University by joining with efforts to implement programs and to deliver services that provide fair and equitable treatment of men and women and a values-centered education of the whole person. Furthermore, the Athletic Department promotes sportsmanship by stressing respect, civility, fairness, honesty and responsibility toward teammates, officials and opponents.



The Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) is governed by the chief executive officers of the member institutions. The Athletic Directors Council is comprised of the senior male and female athletics administrators at each member institution. The Sports Councils represent the 21 sports sponsored in the conference and includes the head coach, head athletic trainer and sports information director at each member institution. 

The SCAC is comprised of Austin College of Sherman, Texas; Centenary College of Shreveport, Louisiana; Colorado College of Colorado Springs, Colorado; University of Dallas of Irving, Texas; Schreiner University of Kerrville, Texas; Southwestern University of Georgetown, Texas; Texas Lutheran University of Seguin, Texas and Trinity University of San Antonio, Texas. The SCAC office is located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.



The American Southwest Conference (ASC) is governed by the Council of Presidents made up of the chief executive officer of each member institution. Three Councils – Faculty Athletics Representatives, Directors of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrators – comprise Administrative Operations for Governance. The Faculty Athletics Representatives and Director of Athletics share governance and an equal vote on recommendations and issues. The Senior Woman Administrators report to the Directors of Athletics. Administrative, Sport and Student-Athlete Operations groups report to the Council of Faculty Athletics Representatives and Directors of Athletics. Administrative Operations includes Athletic Training, Compliance and Sports Information with the directors of each staff representing his/her institution within each organization. Sports Operations includes the head coach serving within each of the 16 ASC championship sports. Student-Athlete Operations consists of the Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee made up of one male and one female representative from each member institution.

The football conference of the ASC is comprised of 10 institutions:  Belhaven University, Jackson, MS; East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, TX; Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, TX; Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX; Louisiana College, Pineville, LA; University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, TX; McMurry University, Abilene, TX; Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX; Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX; and Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX.  The ASC office is located in Richardson, TX.



Course load: As a student-athlete, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to be eligible to participate in athletics.  When your class credits fall below 12, as documented by the Southwestern University Office of Academic Success and Records, the student-athlete immediately becomes ineligible and the Athletic Director is notified. Understand that to graduate in four years, the student-athlete needs to average 16 credits a semester.

Academic standing:  As a student-athlete, you must be in good academic standing as defined by the University to participate in athletics. Good academic standing is interpreted to mean not on academic probation.  A full-time student will be placed on academic probation whenever the cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0. First-year students have until the end of the second semester to achieve the 2.0 cumulative GPA. Summer school credits taken at Southwestern will be used in determining GPA.  To be removed from academic probation, you must pass 12 credits and receive a GPA of 2.2 in the next regular semester of attendance.  Participation between semesters may be affected.

Satisfactory progress towards graduation:  A student-athlete is required to be making progress towards graduation; which means the student-athlete must pass an average of 12 credits per regular semester or a total of 48 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better before you enter your fifth semester.



The assumption of risk: As a student-athlete, you must be aware that there is an inherent risk of injury when participating in intercollegiate athletics.  You should make sure that you maintain a high level of conditioning and take every precaution to reduce the risk of injury. It is required that you report all your athletic injuries to the Athletic Training Staff as soon as possible.

Physical exam: To participate in intercollegiate athletics you must be cleared by the Athletic Training Staff.  This involves entering the University with a physical from a certified medical doctor and the completion of the required health forms.  All student-athletes are required to receive a pre-participation exam each year supervised by the Southwestern Team Physician and Athletic Training Staff.

Health insurance: Every student-athlete is required to be covered by health insurance to compete.  The University does offer insurance that provides supplemental insurance coverage for injuries incurred while practicing or competing for an intercollegiate team.  The coverage does not cover injuries obtained in the off-season, during intramural, or club sports participation.  For this insurance to be utilized you must:

  • Make sure that an SU Athletic Trainer documents the injury
  • Make sure that all referrals to specialists are obtained through the Head Athletic Trainer
  • File all appropriate documents with your insurance provider and then provide the SU Insurance Manager the required documents

NCAA health advisory: All nutritional /dietary supplements carry some risk of containing an NCAA banned substance because they are not well regulated and may be contaminated.  Failure to check out any supplement with the athletic training staff prior to use may result in a failed appeal for a positive drug test.  Student-athletes are responsible for anything they ingest.



Each student-athlete is required to complete NCAA certification paperwork.   Your academic status, grades and progress will be verified by the University’s NCAA Compliance Office.



All transfers who have enrolled will have their eligibility status verified by contacting their previous institution.  If you wish to explore a transfer to another DIII institution, this may be done without notifying your current coach.  The NCAA allows a student-athlete from one DIII school to investigate the opportunities at other DIII institutions without notification for 30 days.  Click here for the NCAA Division III Self-Release Form.



Each student-athlete is expected to travel to and from an athletic event with the team.  If a special circumstance arises, a student-athlete may receive permission from the Head Coach to travel with a Parent/Guardian or immediate family member as long as the coach receives the appropriate documentation before departure from the team.



Hazing, in any form, is strictly prohibited.  Southwestern University defines hazing as any activity, expected of or done to someone affiliating with, joining or participating as a regular member of a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.  Hazing can be committed by one person alone or by a group and that formal organization need not exist for hazing to take place.  Each student-athlete and all coaches are required to sign a “Student Hazing Prohibition Notice” before participating in athletics. This policy will be strictly enforced.



In accordance with the NCAA Manual, “gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, a parlay card or any other method employed by organized gambling is prohibited.”



All Southwestern University coaches, staff members, volunteers, student assistants, interns and student-athletes represent Southwestern University at all times and are subject to NCAA and institutional rules. If you have a personal social media account or you run a Southwestern team account, you are responsible for knowing these rules. Any misuse of social media will result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the Director of Athletics. Treat your personal/team social media sites as if you were posting on the official Athletic Department sites (southwesternpirates.com, @SUPirates).



Equipment and uniforms:  Athletic Department issued equipment is required to be returned at the end of the season.

Facilities:  The University strives to provide the best and safest facilities possible to all student-athletes.  Under no circumstance is any individual permitted to use the facilities after posted hours.  Furthermore, no individual is permitted to use the facilities for personal use such as private lessons or coaching an outside team.  Any use of the facilities by an outside entity must be arranged through the Athletic Department’s Facility Coordinator.



Student-athletes may be asked by your respective Head Coach to host prospective recruits overnight.  Under NCAA regulations SU may provide you with funds for the prospect’s entertainment expenses.  It is imperative that you abide by the following conditions:

  • Do not go outside a 30-mile radius (Austin is acceptable);
  • Do not purchase souvenirs; use the funds only to entertain the prospect - - do not use funds for teammates or friends.
  • Under no circumstances is alcohol use ever acceptable when hosting a prospective student-athlete.



The Department of Athletics believes that each student-athlete must act responsibly and must realize that there may be consequences to various choices that he/she may make as a student-athlete.  Actions on or away from the athletic arena and incidents on-campus or off-campus may be dealt with by the Athletic Department and/or through the Southwestern University Dean of Students’ Office.  Individual behaviors are never to reflect negatively on Southwestern University, the Athletic Department, or your respective athletic team.  The following policies are set forth as a means to assure that all student-athletes are treated with respect regarding disciplinary issues.

SCAC/ASC conduct: Players on SCAC/ASC teams are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to show respect to the officials, the athletic conference, and other member institutions at all times.  Uncomplimentary remarks or unacceptable conduct may result in a public reprimand and possible suspension."

On-campus misconduct: Your conduct on campus away from the athletic arena is monitored by the Dean of Student’s Office.  Misconduct reported to the Director of Athletics will be shared with your coach.  The punishment(s)/penalty(s) will be handled on an individual basis.

Off-campus misconduct:  Should your conduct away from campus negatively impact the University, the Athletic Department, and/or your team, punishment and/or penalties will be handled on an individual basis.

Athletic event misconduct: Your sport may carry penalties relating to specific behavior and actions that you take during an athletic contest.  Southwestern University and the Athletic Department reserve the right to penalize you for actions deemed excessive or egregious.

Team travel misconduct: The use of alcohol on any institutionally sponsored athletic trip is strictly prohibited.  The penalty for a first offense will be an automatic suspension from the next contest.  A further offense will result in suspension from the team.  Should the offense occur on the final trip/contest of your career, you will forfeit your privilege of earning a varsity letter/award for that year.

Academic misconduct: Athletic eligibility may be impacted as a result of resolutions from the Honor Code or other academic violations reported to the Director of Athletics by the Dean of Students’ Office.



Your first priority at Southwestern University is to your academics. The Athletic Department strives to do everything it can to ensure and support your academic success within the context of NCAA competition. 

Missed classes: Under no circumstances are you to miss class for practice.  Regularly scheduled athletic competitions are excused absences; however, it is your responsibility to advise your professors regarding your involvement with the team and your travel schedule for each trip.  Once a coach has set the travel squad it will be posted in Campus Notices and broadcast to all instructors.  If your professor(s) have any questions please advise them to contact your coach directly.

Missed assignments and tests:  All missed assignments are to be made up or turned into your professor before leaving for an athletic event.  Make arrangements ahead of time with your instructor.  If you will miss a scheduled test because of travel with your team, your professor may ask that you take the test before leaving or while traveling.  In order for your coach to administer a test while on the road, the professor must make arrangements directly with the coach.  If you feel you are academically penalized because of your involvement with intercollegiate athletics, notify your coach immediately.

Note:  Professors often do not review Campus Notices; therefore, it is imperative for student-athletes to discuss with their respective professor(s) any upcoming missed classes and/or assignments well in advance of the travel date.

Early registration: You may receive the privilege of registering early for the semester that you are competing in your traditional season.  You must have all “holds” from the business office released by the deadline in order to qualify for early registration.

FRA credit: FRA credit can be earned once during your athletic career.  You will receive the credit after completing the entire season as long as you remain in good standing with the team, the coach and the Athletic Department.  Situations, whereby a student-athlete becomes injured or sick and thereby does not complete the entire sport season, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Honor Code: The Athletic Department supports the value and integrity of the University Honor Code.  Academic dishonesty by any student-athlete will be dealt with accordingly.



Discipline for improper student-athlete behavior will be administered by the respective team coach or athletic administration; this includes on-campus or off-campus incidences.  The coach will immediately report the incident(s) citing the student-athlete(s) involved, and then confer with the Athletic Department administrators for an appropriate sanction.  Should a student-athlete feel that he/she was treated unfairly, he/she may appeal the sanction(s) that has been administered by the coach or athletic administration. The student-athlete has the option of either a Mediation Meeting or a hearing with the Athletic Review Committee (ARC) regarding disciplinary sanctions.

Mediation Meeting: The student-athlete must contact the Director, Associate Director or Assistant Director of Athletics to schedule a mediation meeting with the coach.  The athletic administrator that serves as the mediator must not have been a part of the process that determined the initial sanctions.  At this meeting, both parties will have the opportunity to voice their opinion relative to the particular situation. A written report from the mediator will be filed with the Director of Athletics office and the NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR). The student-athlete may make an appeal to the FAR within three (3) days of the decision of the mediator.


ARC Hearing: The student-athlete must submit in writing the justification for appealing the sanctions and a request for an ARC hearing to the University’s NCAA Compliance Office.  The ARC is comprised of a Senior Athletic Administrator, the Head Athletic Trainer, and one head coach as named by the Director or the Associate Director of Athletics.

The ARC will hold a hearing with the student-athlete, coach and any other relevant parties.  The role of the ARC is to use the formal written complaint and this hearing to determine an outcome on the sanctions.  The Senior Athletic Administrator will chair the ARC and file a written report with the Director of Athletics and the FAR.  The student-athlete may make an appeal to the FAR within three (3) days of the decision of the ARC.

Appeal to the FAR: Using the information gathered from the mediation meeting or the ARC hearing, the FAR will make the final determination of the incident, punishment or outcome.  The decision of the FAR is the final appeal.

If the FAR feels that he/she must recuse himself/herself from the process, the FAR will assign, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty, another University faculty member to decide the outcome of the appeal.



As members of the Southwestern University community, harassment of any type is not tolerated.  Harassment is behavior that:

  • (a) Has the intent or effect of interfering with an individual’s ability to live, work or learn on campus;
  • (b) Creates an intimidating or hostile environment at the University generally or in specific campus
  • locations;
  • (c) Is pervasive or significant to the extent that it disturbs another;
  • (d) Causes another to be reasonably apprehensive, or;
  • (e) Endangers the health or safety of another.



Athletic letters are awarded as per parameters set by each respective coach.  Each coach, within their team program, may also recognize individual achievements with special awards and present those at their own discretion. The Department of Athletics’ awards are based on the completion of the season:

  • 1st Year   . . . . .           Certificate
  • 2nd Year  . . . . .          Certificate
  • 3rd Year   . . . . .          SU Logo Fleece Jacket
  • 4th Year   . . . . .          Athletic Department LogoWatch



SCAC Team Champions will be awarded championship rings. In the sports of Cross Country and Golf, a student-athlete who wins the Conference Meet/Tournament and their team does not win the team championship is eligible to receive a championship ring.  Recipients will be awarded only one ring during their athletic tenure; individual rings will be updated to reflect subsequent championships.



Each year the Southwestern University Department of Athletics recognizes student-athletes and alumni for their contributions to athletics.

Hall of Fame: These individuals and/or teams have made significant contributions to intercollegiate athletics as student-athletes, coaches, administrators or associates.  Recipients are chosen by the Hall of Fame Committee from nominations received from the University community.  The recipients are recognized in a formal awards ceremony every other year.  Plaques honoring recipients are displayed for viewing in the Medley Conference Room in the Corbin J. Robertson Center (second floor).

Team Academic Award:  A trophy is awarded to the athletic team that achieves the highest overall GPA for an entire academic year.  It is displayed in the Robertson Center athletic complex.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Anchor Award: Voted on by the campus community, this award is presented to a male and female student-athlete who exemplifies leadership, bravery, community service, academic achievement as well as being an integral part of an athletic team.  The names of recipients are displayed on a plaque hanging in the Robertson Center Athletic Complex. 

Tex Kassen / Carla Lowry Awards:  These awards are presented to the best overall male and female student-athlete, respectively.  Drs. Kassen and Lowry are former Directors of Athletics who were advocates for all student-athletes.  Recipients are nominated by the athletic staff and selected by a departmental committee consisting of the Associate Athletic Director, Sports Information Director and Head Athletic Trainer.  The selection committee considers outstanding individual accomplishments such as conference, regional and national recognition as well as contributions made to overall team success.  This is the highest honor of recognition for current student-athletes presented by the Department of Athletics. Crystal trophies are displayed in the Robertson Center athletic complex.

Fay Vincent, Sr. Sportsmanship Awards:  These awards are presented annually to the male and female student-athlete who exhibits the highest caliber of sportsmanship, maturity, character, and dignity in and beyond the playing field. The awardees promote civility and treat referees, officials, teammates, and opponents with genuine respect. Beyond the playing field, the awardees are community leaders and represent Southwestern University in the best possible light. This award was established by Southwestern University Board of Visitors member and former Commissioner of Major League Baseball Fay Vincent, Jr. out of respect for his father, a former Yale football and baseball captain who also was an NFL referee. The elder Vincent served as a college football and baseball official for decades and his devotion to sports officiating is reflected in this award to honor students who understand the place of proper respect for rules, civil competition and sports officials. Recognition of these awards is on display in the Robertson Center athletic complex.

SCAC All-Conference Awards:  These awards are voted on by SCAC coaches for team sports or earned for a particular place finish in conference championships for individual sports. The SCAC awards a certificate to the recipients.

SCAC Academic Award: Student-athletes earning a 3.25 GPA or better for the semester, during their traditional season, will be recognized by the SCAC with an academic certificate.

Southwestern Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll:  Student-athletes, who earns a GPA of 3.5 or better, during their traditional season, will be recognized with a certificate of merit for this academic accomplishment.




Dr. Glada Munt   

Director of Athletics                                                                                         (512) 863-1618

Robertson Center 138


Glenn Schwab   

Associate Director                                                                                           (512) 863-1697

Robertson Center 235


Doug Ross   

Assistant Director/NCAA Compliance                                                                 (512) 863-1611

Robertson Center 234