William Harold Collins
Sport(s): Football/Coach
Year(s): 1947
Year Inducted: 1997

William Harold "Spot" Collins was a star athlete in all sports at Breckenridge High School, Breckenridge, Texas (1936-1939). He also competed in football at Texas University (1940-1943). During World War II, "Spot" Collins entered the U.S. Marine Corp and was sent to Southwestern University for Officer Training. While at Southwestern, he led the football team to its greatest season, Sun Bowl Champions, January 1, 1944. "Spot" was team captain and MVP at the Sun Bowl. After one year of professional football, William H. "Spot" Collins was named Head Football Coach at Southwestern University (1948-1949). "Spot" earned both a BS degree (1947) and a Masters degree (1954) from Texas University.