Fay Vincent Sr. Sportsmanship Award

Southwestern Board of Visitors member and former Commissioner of Major League Baseball Fay Vincent Jr. established the award in 2015 in honor of his father, Fay Sr., a former Yale University football and baseball captain who also was a National Football League referee. The elder Vincent served as a college football and baseball official for decades and his devotion to sports officiating is reflected in this award to honor students who understand the place of proper respect for rules, civil competition and sports officials.

For this award, one male and one female student-athlete from Southwestern are selected among those nominated by their coaches for exhibiting the highest caliber of sportsmanship, maturity, character and dignity in and beyond the playing field. Additionally, the honorees promote civility and treat referees, officials, teammates and opponents with genuine respect. Beyond the playing field, the awardees are community leaders and represent the University in the best possible light.

Male Award Winners
Name Sport Year
Christopher Adams Lacrosse 2014-15
Michael Gebhardt Golf 2015-16
Patrick "Mac" Light Soccer 2016-17
Andy Seymour Swimming & Diving 2017-18
Markell Henderson Football 2018-19


Female Award Winners
Name Sport Year
Lindsay Biggers Softball 2014-15
Nicole Wilson Tennis 2015-16
Hayley Miesse Soccer 2016-17
Kate Mitchell Volleyball 2017-18
Kelsey Faykus Basketball 2018-19