Pirate Anchor Award

The Anchor award is presented annually by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) to the male and female athlete who best display a number of traits that embody the spirit and character of the SU community. The winners are voted on by any members of the Southwestern student body, faculty and staff. 

Male Award Winners
Name Sport Year
Hugh Arrington Basketball 2005
Ty Ragland Basketball 2006
Jameson Ott Cross Country 2007
Cory Fujimoto Soccer 2008
Kevin O'Neil Soccer 2009
Todd Boone Baseball 2010
Josh Stanfield Swimming 2011
Michael Cantu Basketball 2012
Michael Cantu Basketball 2013
Daniel Poole Soccer 2014
Carson Severson Basketball 2015
Simon Gersib Swimming 2016
Ben Stiver Basketball 2017
Nik Kelly Football 2018
AJ Daniels Football 2019


Female Award Winners
Name Sport Year
Jessica Lovorn Swimming 2005
Kristen Johnson Basketball 2006
Mandy Smith Volleyball 2007
Amanda Gunzelman Soccer 2008
Erin Snyder Soccer 2009
Lisa Marie "Reese" Cisneros Volleyball 2010
Shae Seagraves Basketball 2011
Sarah Ayers Swimming 2012
Katelyn Bartell Basketball 2013
Lilly Duarte Cross Country/Track 2014
Chandler Lentz Volleyball 2015
Audrey Garcia Basketball 2016
Nikki Welch Volleyball 2017
Madison Edwards Basketball 2018
Tori Carraway  Basketball  2019- Tie
Marissa Morin Soccer 2019 - Tie