Kassen/Lowry Male & Female Athlete of the Year

Dr. Tex Kassen Award
Name Class Sport Year
Aaron Bowser Senior Basketball 2005-06
Jameson Otto Senior Cross Country 2006-07
Chris Norris Senior Track and Field 2007-08
A.C. Cox Junior Basketball 2008-09
Ricky Jones Senior Golf 2009-10
Alex Keller Senior Soccer 2010-11
Daniel Tuttle Sophomore Track and Field 2011-12
Cameron Button Junior Golf 2012-13
Jordan Cowart Junior Golf 2013-14
Will Cates Junior Baseball 2014-15
Will Cates Senior Baseball 2015-16
Justin Broussard Senior Football 2016-17
Nik Kelly Senior Football 2017-18


About Dr. Tex Kassen: Kassen served as the Director of Athletics at Southwestern from 1971-1985. During his tenure at Southwestern, the school’s athletic teams achieved statewide and national rankings in the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics. He was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1989 for outstanding Achievement and Meritorious Service and in 1995 he was inducted into the Southwestern University Athletic Hall of Fame. A lifetime of involvement meant a lifetime of happiness, a lifetime of satisfaction and a lifetime’s worth of honors for Dr. Kassen.

Dr. Carla Lowry Award
Name Class Sport Year
Misti White Senior Volleyball 2005-06
Marisa Mauldin Sophomore Golf 2006-07
Marisa Mauldin Junior Golf 2007-08
Marisa Mauldin Senior Golf 2008-09
Audra Gentry Senior Volleyball 2009-10
Sarah Ayers Junior Swimming 2010-11
Christina Nicholls Senior Volleyball 2011-12
Rachael Thibodeaux Senior Volleyball 2012-13
Lilly Duarte Senior Cross Country/Track 2013-14
Annie Bourne Senior Basketball 2014-15
Kaitlyn Foster Senior Volleyball 2015-16
Nikki Welch Senior Volleyball 2016-17
Kate Mitchell Senior Volleyball 2017-18

About Dr. 
Carla Lowry: Dr. Lowry served as the Director of Athletics at Southwestern from 1984 to 1995. She was an advocate for all student-athletes and was inducted into the Southwestern Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr. Lowry expected excellence from all student-athletes who participated wearing the Southwestern uniform. She had great respect for those who worked hard, were exceptional performers and those that exemplified great sportsmanship.