Senior Story: Brady Kent

Senior Story: Brady Kent

Brady Kentcame to Southwestern from Albuquerque, N.M. and quickly became involved on campus in a variety of organizations including Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Student Congress and the track & field team. Not surprisingly, he sees his future as "limitless."

What is your biggest take-away from Southwestern?
The most important class you'll take here is how you live your life outside the classroom. There's no syllabus, the meeting time and place varies from Monday mornings in a professor's office to Wednesday at 2am in the Whataburger lobby. This is where you learn about life–from your peers, professors and others–and while it's in class that SU engages your mind, it's out of class where SU transforms your life. 

In your opinion, what makes SU special?
That nobody I met forced me to sacrifice one of my passions in order to pursue another. The community was supportive, and rather than say no they asked "how can we make this happen?"

What advice do you have for an incoming first-year student?
Don't sit in your dorm room. My roommate and I didn't turn on our TV once our first-year or sit around with our door closed, and that made all the difference.

Person you'll miss most & why?
Hard to pick, but Ella and Della in the Commons represent what's best about SU. Caring, considerate, always take time to look out for the students. They personify what's best about this place.

How will you stay connected with SU?
I'm the Class of 2013 Rep to the Alumni Council, so I'll be harassing people about coming to reunions for the next few years. That and I expect to come back for Pike's Founders Day and Football games. 

Best advice a professor gave you?
"You do you. It's all you can do and all you can worry about, just let everyone else do them and it'll all work out in the end."

What are you most proud of when it comes to your time at SU?
Helping select our university's next president and my time as student body president.

Brady has accepted a position with Apple in Nashville, Tenn., as part of their Apple Store Leadership Development Program. 

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