Senior Story: Colin Berr

Colin Berr, came to Southwestern from California to study international business. A go-getter and international traveler, Colin feels fortunate to have been able to spend his entire sophomore year in Germany where he had an internship with a start-up company.

Lesson learned at/from SU?
Anything is possible if you have the audacity to jump in and the perseverance to stick with it. You can find something you love and shape it into your own unique experience. Or, if it doesn't exist, you can create it yourself.

In your opinion, what makes SU special?
Southwestern fosters opportunities for students, professors and the community to affect each other in profound ways. Through living-learning communities, Paideia, small class sizes, and fantastic on-campus organizations, students are challenged to take on leadership roles beyond their comfort zones.

Why did you choose SU?
I found out about Southwestern through a postcard I received and through Colleges That Change Lives. I wanted to go to a college strong in international studies with small class sizes and accessible professors—that's Southwestern.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I played guitar with a friend on the streets of Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate, and we actually earned a little bit of money. 

What advice do you have for an incoming first-year?
Begin with the end in mind. have a relative idea of where you want to be in four years, but give yourself the opportunity to explore things you've never thought of before. You might surprise yourself. 

What do you know now that you didn't know as a first-year?
Looking back, I could have been more effective by sticking with a few key organizations and locations rather than having been spread out across several. But, on the other hand, one of the points of the liberal arts is to explore.
Best advice a professor gave you?
"Success lies in finding what you're best at and cornering the market." - Dr. Tim O'Neill, professor of political science.
Colin spent the summer in Washington, D.C. with the Fund for American Studies program, which included an internship, two classes, and tours, briefings, a speaker series, and more. After spending some time with his family in California, he hopes to go to work with a start-up company in Frankfurt, Germany. Colin was a member of the men's soccer team for three seasons before deciding to travel abroad. 

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